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Motor trade combined insurance is designed for businesses such as garage repairs, vehicle dealer and MOT centres. This policy can provide cover against damage to stock and property.

Rainbow Motor Trade Insurance's specialists have experience working in the motor trade industry and will find quotes that suit you best.

What is motor trade combined insurance? 

If we compare it with the motor trade insurance, this policy is much more complex than the standard one, delivering coverage for every element of your business. From public and employers liability to goods in transit, Rainbow's team will help you find the most appropriate combined policy.

Motor trade combined insurance

What motor trade combined insurance policy covers?

  • Damage to stock or owned for personal use vehicles
  • Liability Cover - Public Liability, Employers Liability, Sales Indemnity, Defective Workmanship, Merchantable Quality
  • Damage to the business premises
  • Damage to property
  • Tools used for working as a motor trader
  • Business Interruption
  • Engineering Inspection
  • Legal Expenses
  • Road Risks
  • Terrorism

Do I need a motor trade combined policy?

It's highly recommended to invest in a motor trade combined policy if you operate as an independent or main car dealer, or garage dealer, because in this business is likely to have valuable pieces of tools and vehicles on display.

Why use Rainbow Motor Trade Insurance's combined policy?

  • Damage to stock or owned for personal use vehicles
  • We do hard work to provide you a policy to suit your needs.
  • Cover available for any kind of businesses in motor trade industry.

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