Tricks of the motor trade 5 clever car trader tactics you should be aware of

Motor trade is one of the most popular trades of the year 2016, and there are many companies enjoying a great business as the need for fast and reliable transportation will always be present. So, the owners of the motor trades are looking at quite a few costumers each and every year, but even though there are a lot of potential car buyers, the effort of selling a car is getting more and more sophisticated in the struggle to close more deals. This article will look to educate car buyers and car sellers in the different tips and tricks of car dealing.

Buying a car is a huge decision because owning a vehicle requires special care and treatment. While buying cars, vans, jeeps and so on, the tactics of the salesman play a vital role in making you, the costumer, buy a particular one. Sometimes salespeople are good-hearted and don't take advantage of the costumer's predispositions but more often than not if the salesman is able to discern the anxiety and innocence in the customer they will take the chance to sell them a car in any way. For this reason, it is a must for the buyers to leave anxiety, fear and lust at the doorstep when they go out buying a car. There are a series of tricks that are used by the salesmen which you should be aware of so that you won't go home with a Citroen when you went out for an Audi.

1. When on the lookout for a cheaper car you might be persueded to go to a dealership and check the validity of the information you get online. This is when you will meet with a sales representative and the dance of buying and selling will begin. To be able to effectively counter and nulify the salesman's persuation you need to be able to look at the bigger picture and leave your personal emotion behind. Your own motives and emotions are quite complex and ultimately drive you towards buying a car as soon as possible. But usually buying a car means more to you than to the trader. Although a car dealer has his own motivation for doing what he does in the end the outcome of your meeting for him is either a deal closed or no deal closed, it's the nature of his job and he has faced quite a few of those situations. And while you might be persuaded to change what car you are looking for depending on the urgency of your need the only thing that can really persuade the seller to change his offer is the threat of no deal. Which brings us to our first tip – Always be ready to walk away from a deal. Otherwise you might make a compromise you won't be comfortable with in the long run. For example, you might say “This offer is great but I want to look at some other places before I buy.” If the dealer is willing to bargain with you, he will try to sweeten the deal and make you a better offer or use some of the other tricks in the salesman work kit to persuade you.

2. In sales there is a term known as “false time constraint”, which is used to create the sence of urgency and persuade the costumer into buying the car right now. It is not uncommon that those false time constraints are actually quite real and you might be missing on a great car deal, but in the majority of cases delaying a purchase for one day is not going to greatly affect the situation. Building on what you already learned - willingness to walk away from a deal is the only weapon a costumer has when trading with a car dealer. So if faced with a false time constraint remain calm, take your time to think and don't be embarassed for needing some time to process the situation.

3. If the car dealer is trained well he will know how to touch your emotions and discover your needs. Usually, otherwise small banter gives out quite a lot of information to the salesman that he can use to present a car in the way you want it to be presented to you. If you are a family person, the salesman could highlight how spacious and comfortable for a whole family a car is, or if you are not, the same car can be presented as a great car for trips and stag or hen getaways. Emotion is what drives you to places where being logical might help you better. Even though car salespeople are generally pretty nice guys and will treat you decent enough don't forget that their job is to sell you their car and you are there to buy your car, making friendships should come second.

4. A few other practices are quite common when it comes to the car sales trade. Sometimes the salesman will hit you with a direct yes or no question that seems to make a compromise on his end to seal the deal. Such examples include “If I am able to ensure you get this payment plan would you buy today?” or “If I get you this car in the crimson red you told me about would you be willing to buy it today?”. Sometimes the salesman will give you a list of pros and cons and will fill the pros side with arguments and leave to you to fill in the other side. This tactic has real persuasive power. The next one is true not only for closing deals in the motor trade, but for any social situation really and is basically asking a question as if the deal is already closed “So, would you prefer your model in green or black?” Good car traders will rarely ask a yes or no question because they don't want to give the perceived option of saying no. There are a lot of other ways to persuade someone into making a decision since when most people go to buy a car they are already out of their comfort zone and taking actions that feel uncomfortable seems quite natural. When you get to the actual buying of a car try to proceed at your own pace and make sure you feel comfortable with the situation.

5. Car salespeople are actually not as bad as it sounds and they are honestly trying to help you buy a car that will satisfy you. When their offer is what you are looking for and you are ready to buy your car the only thing keeping you from getting it is your signature on a few papers. At that time experienced motor traders will provide you with insurance, interior stain protection and anti-theft devices, rust proofing and extended warranty and all the other extras you could imagine. “Since you are giving so much money for your new car what are a few extra pounds for some very helpful additional purchases?”. Some of those are quite important like the insurance and anti-theft devices, but some of them might not be exactly mandatory for you. Before you sign and take the insurance from the car dealer make sure you check online if you are getting the right price for your insurance. Sites like are aimed at providing cheap insurance for motor traders, but you can use to find a cheap insurance for your car outside the dealership. When going to buy your car know exactly what you are going there for and don't let your impulses draw you into buying something you don't need.

What are some situations you've encountered when going to buy your car? We would be very interested to hear your advice and would consider including it in our next article on the matter of tips and trick when buying a car you should be aware off.