The four types of customers you will meet in your motor trade

If someone ever asks you what is the most important part of the business then what your answer will be. The answer to your question has to be ‘the customers.' It is true that the clients are the most crucial part of the business because without them there is no existence of business. Motor trade is a business which is very popular because cars have become an inescapable component of the daily life of a lot of people. A vehicle trader, whether he is a part-time or full-time trader, encounters four types of customers during the carrying of the business.

The four types of clients in motor trade

As a tradesman, you spend a lot of time from your daily life dealing with various types of customers which mean almost every day you come across a weird character individual. It is said that even the best salesman sometimes struggles with the queries and questions of these customers. But, at the end of the day, all the clients of the motor trade can be divided into four major characters. Learning to deal with various types of customers will not just increase your sales but also accelerate your salesman skills.

1. The demanding clients: Most of the tradesmen are afraid of this type of customers because they can either be the high maintenance time buyers to the aggressive and forceful. These two types of clients can be categorized in the same section because of the presence of demanding feature in their character. However, there are two great ways through which you can handle these customers. The first one is the kindness as well as compliments. It becomes very tough for a demanding customer to behave in a wrong way when they are treated well. Another way is to keep your answers precise but informative. It will not give them much scope to raise various questions, and you will also be able to avoid their unnecessary demanding character.

2. The analytical customers: These customers are the one who is very skilled and impressive in playing mind games with the sales person. The best way to tackle them is to know inside out about your product and present it without a single hesitation. If you are not sure much about the car you are selling then, it will be a huge problem as you will not be able to answer the informative questions.

3. Guarded customers: These are the people who come to the shops with an “I am just looking” attitude. These clients make an invisible wall around them, and it is very hard to go through it until and unless you gain trust. The best way to handle them is to serve them rather than selling the product. Ask for a cup of tea or coffee before heading to the features of the car.

4. Simple customers: The last but not the least they are the one who trusts you completely. Your goal is to turn all types of clients into simple-minded customers for selling of your car.