Grasp the basics of Motor Trade insurance in minutes with Rainbow

Motor trade insurance is a policy generally used in UK, available to protect businesses of motor traders. Best insurances are offered to operators and dealerships on full time or part-time basis and they can be tailored to meet the requirements of every budget. Protection requirements are fulfilled in most of the insurances with full coverage.

Who has a need for motor trade insurance?

Agencies promote very often their services, so the Internet is full of offers and quotes for motor trade insurance. The difference is made by the service you need to be insured. Some agencies may cover what you need, some may not. From the research, we have made, you can find the following activities related to motor trade:

  • Car sales and servicing
  • Mechanic and body shop
  • Mobile traders
  • Vehicle transporters
  • Tyre and exhaust filters
  • Valeters
  • Collection and delivery
  • Breakdown and recovery
  • Salvage and car breakdown

When you go to an insurance company or you get into a site, you should search for the service you need. If you find it, proceed by comparing prices and advantages, coverage and company names. Most of the people who need motor trade insurance have a trading business, an auto service or tool store and know other people with the same interest. Well, it is a good idea to ask the ones who are older in business. They might know tips and tricks or can help with recommendations.

Motor trade insurance policies depend on the category.

Motor trade insurance policies are numerous and can be tricky. There are policies for every category in the motor trade industry: car dealers, importers and exporters, mechanical repairers, crash and body repairer, valeting insurance, accessory fitter, exhaust and tyre fitter, windscreen fitter, breakdown and recovery, vehicle deliveries, car jockey, long stay parker, vehicle assessors, breakers, repossession agents, car dealer at home, restorers and collectors. From what you can see there are more categories than what we can remember. Every one of them has policy information arranged in separate documents, describing risks, advantages and disadvantages. Some of the policies have full coverage, some do not. Some of them can be combined and some of them cannot be changed at all.

In UK, Rainbow Group is one of the most reputed insurance companies on the territory and offers services at low prices and high quality. There are many other companies, too, but the difference stays in the quality of the services, price and flexibility. In the case of motor traders, flexibility is something that everyone wants, so you should be searching for it in the insurance you buy.

Finally, we can say that working in the motor trade industry requires being a very responsible man or having a very well trained team. The risks are many and one company that deals with motor trading cannot afford to lose clients. That is the main reason why careful insurance buying has to be done. At the same time, as a trader you need to feel secure and comfortable about your business and how else is that possible?