Motor Trade Insurance Tips: Getting more for less with Rainbow

For shoddy salesmen based on commissions, motor trade insurance can be one very lucrative minefield when dealing with individuals with no idea of what it is they are looking for. There have been numerous cases of people getting conned of their money by being charged ridiculous rates for their motor trade policy. With the tips below, you can easily avoid such a situation and make the most out of your policy deal. Get to cover more with less by simply following these tips.

Use split indemnity with your Motor Trade Cover to get more for less.

The term split indemnity is not as popular among users of the motor trade policy. However, it can go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your trade insurance policy. It basically refers to where one can get to cover more at no extra costs. It can come quite in handy especially for people who often drive cars for their clients. This refers to people such as valets, mechanic or the likes. With split indemnity, you can get to cover your vehicle, that of the customer and yourself at very affordable rates. For the customer, you will get to pay 20K Euros while 10k will be for you and your vehicle. At the end of the day, with an insurance provider willing to deal in split indemnity, you will pay 10k for your car and the same amount (10K) for the client. To find out more details, consult with your insurance broker. He or she will let you on the best split indemnity deals available.

Pay all in one and get cheaper price on your Motor Trade Policy.

It is normal for people to prefer paying off different purchases in bits. It tends to be more convenient considering the fact that it is more convenient. However, spreading the cost for insurance companies is not advisable. Most insurance companies charge at least 20% for installments. This will mean extra yet unnecessary costs. Avoid such and try paying it all at once. This will save you a whole lot of money at the end of the day.

Demonstration cover in the Motor Trade – is it worth it?

Most insurance companies tend to offer this cover. But if closely looked at, you will find that it is not all that necessary. You do not need it that much. In some companies, it might be termed to be free but with some hidden charges. In most of them, the cover comes at a certain fee. Why not avoid paying extra for a cover that you can do without? It is all in the name of saving!

Enquire about quote discounts and you might just get some.

Most insurance companies offer referral fees. In that case, if you get to direct a friend to such a company, make sure to enquire about the discounts. They will either give you credits to be used in the future or offer you with a discount for renewal.