Can I renew my motor insurance online?

If you are in motor trade business, then you need to know about motor trade insurance. Although it is a complex subject, you need to get familiar with it if you want to get the best insurance quote for your business.

When it comes to renewing your motor trade insurance policy, you need to choose your option carefully. And if you want to save time, energy and money, renewing your motor trade insurance online might be the perfect option for you. The reason many motor trade businesses renew their insurance online is that it will allow you to do your work while your insurance renewal is ongoing. You don’t have to waste time going to one office or the other. Just fill the online form or request for a renewal online and wait for it to be renewed.

Anyone in motor trade business needs proper motor trade insurance because it provides excellent protection cover, as well as great flexibility and freedom. Now that the world is a global village, you can renew your coverage through several options, but the easiest and the cheapest is to renew it online.

Several motor trade businesses are using online way of renewing their insurance policies because it saves time and money. You just need to fill an application form and get the estimates. With the online renewal, you don’t need to visit insurance agent to schedule appointments. It means in just a few clicks, you can renew your insurance coverage. Renewing your motor trade insurance online offers a lot of benefits, including:

You have plenty of choices

When it comes to renewing your trader insurance, you can get discount on features. You have the chance to compare features provided by the company and choose what you think is the best for you. In fact, there is a wide range of options that give you a chance to decide on the payment methods, cover and premiums.


When you use an online insurance company to arrange your renewal, you can save a lot of time because it takes just a few minutes to complete the online form. Also, you can browse through services provided by the online insurance company without leaving your office or the comfort of your home. Because you have plenty of options for online renewal, you have more time to compare and choose the right policy for your business.

Cheap rate

If you are looking for cheap rates, renewing your insurance coverage online is the best way to get them. With the online renewal of motor insurance, you can get promotion schemes and discounts. That means you can save a lot of money renewing your motor trade insurance online.


Isn’t it convenient to get estimates online? It is convenient because you don’t need to meet the agent personally or waste time on lengthy calls. With the online renewal, you just have to fill a form, get the estimate and renew your coverage. The process is not long as it only takes a few minutes. It means instead of wasting time visiting insurance agent or making lengthy calls, you can channel your time into making more money.


Online motor trade insurance is available 24/7, so you don’t need to wait until a certain day to renew your coverage. This is one of the reasons several motor trade businesses prefer online renewal to offline renewal. The online insurance companies have dedicated their support team to attend to clients 24/7.

No documentation

With the online renewal, you are required to provide little or no documentation. At the time of renewal, only the concerned documentation will be required.

Safe and secure

Online motor trade insurance companies are aware of the importance of providing maximum security when it comes to collecting personal information online. Thus, the renewal portal is built with customers in mind, as it is secure, robust and highly customer-centric. Therefore, renewing your insurance coverage online is not only a breeze but an enjoyable experience you can’t get when you renew your insurance offline. It means renewing your coverage online is smarter, safer and less time-consuming. So rather than opting for the traditional method of renewing the motor insurance which involves long queues, online renewal provides greater turnaround time.


If you are ready to renew your motor insurance online, it is all about clicking a bunch of pre-designated buttons. The process has been simplified as the process is limited to a number of steps. You only need to login and click renew button. Follow it by adding the required information and that is it.


It is important to keep your vehicle insured all the times. It is important to always be insured to safeguard against unexpected expenses because unexpected can happen any time. So ensure you watch out for a renewal notice from your insurer and ensure you renew it before the due date to avoid added expenses.

Compare motor insurance quotes online

Requesting motor trade quote online from a company or insurance broker is quite simple, but comparing quotes can be time-consuming. We all know that when it comes to comparing motor insurance quotes online, there are several things that come into play. Although comparing insurance quotes can be time-consuming, we encourage you to compare the quotes. With Rainbow Motor Trade Insurance, you can get the best quote and compare.

The rainbow motor trading company also offers many other insurance policies. One thing to always take note of is that choosing the right type of insurance policy is integral to ensure that you run a successful car dealership and this will help to be safe in the knowledge that should anything go awry you are fully protected and will not be hit with any nasty, unexpected charges in the future.

If you are looking for a motor trading insurance policy, you can get at the rainbow motor trading insurance company.

Getting a quote online

Motor trade insurance is a specialist area and insurers always leave it to brokers to compare policies on behalf of customers and recommend the perfect level of cover. The marketplace is very complex, so you need the expert to make a comparison for you so that you can choose the perfect cover. Rainbow Motor Trade Insurance can provide you the perfect comparison to allow you choose the best cover levels for your business.

Renewing your motor insurance is now made easy because you can do it online without hassle. If you are ready to renew your cover, you can do it online today!